Sunmi Tops Kpop Radar Weekly Charts News

Sunmi Tops Kpop Radar Weekly Charts

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Time icon August 17, 2021

During the 33rd week of K-Pop Radar 2021, Sunmi’s new song “You Can’t Sit With Us” had over 31 million views on YouTube. The music video then shot to the top of the K-Pop Radar Weekly YouTube view chart.

It debuted at No. 7 on the weekly YouTube watch chart for the 32nd week after its release. By the next week, it had accumulated over 30 million views, and its rating had risen to the top.

Because of the nature of the music video, which received a lot of views shortly after its release, K-Pop radar claimed that it is unusual for it to the rank top by the second week. Sunmi’s “Tail” took about 97 hours to reach 10 million views, according to K-Pop radar, whereas “You Can’t Sit With Us” reached 10 million views in barely 24 hours. In comparison to the previous songs, the speed has increased by four times.

Sunmi’s songs “You Can’t Sit With Us” and “Gashina” have surpassed 100 million views and are growing at the highest rate of all of her music videos. Ten days after its debut, “You Can’t Sit With Us” had surpassed 48 million views.

Sunmi had a total of 67 million views in the last 30 days, according to K-Pop radar’s YouTube monitoring. Vietnam is the most popular, with 15.3 percent of the vote, followed by Korea with 9.7%, Indonesia with 7.9%, and Brazil with 4.2 percent. Sunmi is still popular in Southeast Asia and South America, especially Vietnam, as seen by this.

Other K-Pop Artists Who Made the K-Pop Radar Chart

Furthermore, The Boyz and ONF, who just made a comeback with their refreshing summer songs, have just entered the 2nd and 5th positions on K-Pop Radar’s weekly YouTube views chart for the 33rd week, generating a lot of attention.

Furthermore, BTS‘ “Permission to Dance” (16.25 million views), Jeon Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” (15.96 million views), Weekly’s “Holiday Party” (11.85 million views), BTS’ Butter (11.18 million views), Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (8.04 million views), BTS’ “Dynamite” (7.62 million views), and Golden Child’s “Ra Pam Pam” (6.94 million views) all ranked in the top 10 of K-Pop radar weekly Youtube charts.

Aside from that, K-Pop radar is a music start-up that recently released the single “Duckmate, Blip.” It is a platform for the music industry that has received a positive reception from the K-pop fandom. It is a completely free service. It now shows real-time changes in the number of music video views, YoTube subscribers, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers. It features a website with roughly 641 domestic teams, and it sparked a trend by producing the “K-Pop global map” every year. It signed a formal collaboration agreement with Twitter last year, announcing the 10-year growth graph and the current status of K-pop.

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