Successful day trader, Cameron Fous, finds happiness in mentoring others

Popular day trader and online celebrity, Cameron Fous, shares his wealth of experience with aspiring traders to help them achieve a similar level of happiness

Cameron Fous of used to be likened to Jordan Belfort, popularly described as the Wolf of Wall Street. However, life happened and the once flamboyant day trader switched lanes to focus on the most important aspect of life – happiness. Cameron was unhappy, a phenomenon he allegedly attributes to his pursuit of money. This inspired all the choices he has been making all through his life, which included dropping out of college and becoming a day trader.

Cameron developed a powerful online persona and became a social media celebrity. However, he had to let go of his assets, including his luxury cars and flamboyant lifestyle, even before Marie Kondo made the act look trendy. This singular act led Cameron to find his passion as he pursued happiness as a digital nomad.

Cameron launched IKNK, with the goal of sharing his wisdom with as many people as possible across the globe. The company stands by the motto – “Business. Pleasure. Bliss,” empowering people to “build an epic online business,” as opposed to the promotion of money accumulation. In a similar vein, Cameron is currently documenting his experience building over $50,000 per month online in a vlog series called “Life of an IKNK Entrepreneur,” which is available on his YouTube Channel. The project also features several high-profile entrepreneurs and influencers from different parts of the world.

IKNK is a stack contrast to Cameron’s previous escapades as he looks to concentrate on overall lifestyle and wellness as opposed to the “Day Trader Lifestyle” he once promoted through Cameron’s focus is to help his students to achieve happiness with the principles of career choice, relationships, physical health, and sunlight.

The approach adopted by Cameron is particularly different as not only does he teach tangible skills, but he also influences his students with his lifestyle approach. His emphasis on happiness, which positively influences mental and physical health, will affect his students’ overall wellbeing. Cameron is well-positioned to make a major impact in the lifestyle brand and education industries, with his achievements validating his preachings.

Cameron Fous has made a remarkable transition from being a social media celebrity who displays his wealth online to an influencer who promotes happiness by mentoring others to chase their dreams.


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