Strength of Marathi film ‘Dandam’ comes from struggle: ‘V. Sattu’

Eric Thomas once said “Don’t quit. You are already in pain. You are already hurt. Get reward from it.”
So true are his words when we have a glance at the making of Marathi movie ‘Dandam’ and struggle story of its producer, writer, and director Mr .V.Sattu. This Filmmaker comes belongs to middle-class family from a small village in Maharashtra called Beed .which is mostly a dry area having a large number of sugarcane workers who travel across Maharashtra for work.

Cinema is a visual story that is loved, adored by everyone and many people are curious and mad for going closer towards a walking distance every corner of the world you will come across an artist who dreams of becoming famous and working in the film industry one day.

But especially in India there lack is of literacy of cinemas. The number of film and art schools is less as compared to the number of artists in India. Belonging to middle-class family no doubt Mr .V. Sattu was also a victim of this system which made him strive hard to gain knowledge from scratch of film making understanding its commercial aspects too. After going through many hurdles three and half years of hard struggle Dandam first-ever big-budget Marathi action movie is all set to release on 27th December 2019.

There is a lot of influence of South movies on Mr V.Sattu so he dreamed of making an authentic extraordinary big budget action movie in his mother tongue called Marathwadi which is a way of Marathi language been spoken out of its the 54 dilects.

Dandam means namaskar or pranam.

Dandam is the story of Yallappa, a collector, who takes up the role of supporting suppressed communities and fighting against the ministry. It’s not the only Story of Yallapa, it is the story of suppressed class victims who help Yallapa to fight against them.

Dandam is a cinema with brand new fresh faces featuring Mayur Raut, Ripunjay Lakshkare and Mr. Universe, Body builder Mr. Sangram Chaugule in the lead role, while Akshay Jambhale.Subhash Ware in negative roles along with actress Riddhi Kumar. Watching Dandam will be a thrilling experience states Mr.V.Sattu as it has strong engaging content along with the package of humor love story, action and life values. Visually good screenplay and strong technical team. Even an actor who has a nominal role on-screen has strived hard for earning a well-built body, says Executive Producer Ankush Rathod.

The song “banglanga,banglanga” which depicts the Marathi urban faiths and beliefs, has become tremendously viral. Dil Majha Bigi Bigi, Sajani, Jhanjawat is sung by Prasoon Kosambi, Julie Joglekar. Jashraj Joshi, Adarsha Shinde Which is written by Sagar Babanagar and composed by Abhimanyu Karlekar will be released soon on Youtube.

Until Dandam hits the box office on 27th December 2019. All viewers can watch the trailer of Dandam which is appreciated by the audience having around 3 million views on YouTube.
Stay tuned and watch Dandam on 27th December 2019.

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