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Staje The Rising Superstar Everyone Is Talking About

He is mostly known in the industry as a ghostwriter but we know him for the memories he leaves us with after listening to his music. He promised that in 2020 he will be releasing all of his content on all streaming platforms and he has not let us down so far! From releasing a collab album early this year that gained massive attraction from industry reps we noticed Staje has given us something different! Something with meaning and feel. The album is a 9 track album called Gang Green. With mostly a hip-hop contemporary feel he also reminded us that R&B soul is and will always be in his blood.

Staje is now given us a new single named “Jimmy Choos” in May! As I sit in my chair on the edge with excitement I can’t help but wonder where the artist is going to take me this time!

Staje speaks highly about his struggles with depression and anxiety. “I deal with it everyday, I just find peace in my music”. With all the charities he pledges to and homeless families that he’s given to, this artist standouts head and shoulders above most. “I just want my people to be happy with who it is that they are” says Staje in our interview. He just released his clothing brand BlackGenes as well which he states that it gives him purpose and motivation to be a better role model. “Coming from nothing in the south is a little different than coming from nothing in the city, so I want to represent any chance I get my culture.”

To keep up-to-date with Staje follow his Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.


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