Squid Game Actor Lee Jung-Jae Reveals Hollywood Reactions To His Performance

  • ‘Squid Game’ has become one of the most popular shows on OTT platform in a short span of time.
  • The Korean show has been lapped up by fans the world over and its actors have found fame all across. 
  • The show’s leading actor Lee Jung-jae recently shared how Hollywood has responded to his performance in the series.
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Actor Lee Jung-Jae

Hollywood Reacted

The show’s leading actor Lee Jung-jae recently shared how Hollywood has responded to his performance in the series. In a recent interview with Variety, the actor who plays Seong Gi-hun in the Netflix hit revealed how Tinseltown has reacted to his performance in the show, Squid Game.

The actor said that so far he has not received any offers from the west. But he is open to working if a good script comes his way. 

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Lee Jung-Jae

“No proposals or requests have come my way, but, if the right one came along, I`d be happy to be in overseas production. It could be fun.”

His character Seong Gi-hun in the series is a divorced dad with a severe gambling addiction and a tendency to be self-involved. He lives with his mother and struggles to support his daughter financially. He participates in the Game to settle his many debts.

Squid Game Characters

His character has received immense love and overwhelming reaction from the show`s fans. According to Lee, he had apparently predicted that the series would reach audiences beyond his home country.

“I didn`t expect this kind of success at all when I first boarded Squid Game as a project. But when I read the script, I understood that it contained elements that could resonate with everyone and work outside of Korea,” he said. 

The actor, who has now undoubtedly a well-established career in South Korea, also shared that nothing much has changed for him as an actor, despite the fact that ‘Squid Game’ is set to be the streamer’s “biggest non-English-language show” worldwide.

“Nothing much has changed for me as an actor, but Gi-hun`s character changes a lot over the course of the show. It has a large spectrum, which any actor would want to try out at least once in his career. This was possibly the first time I`ve played a character with such a range,” he said about himself during Squid Game’s ongoing success. 

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