Social Media Expert Sandeep Gangola Credits His Failure Behind His Success In Digital Marketing

In this new-age era of social media, the kind of content you post matters the most. Social media platforms have become an essential tool to not just create content but also build and promote business. Every individual and brand relies on social media to promote themselves. The trend of social media has lately seen many young minds utilizing the internet to make their name as a well-known digital marketer. With the latest innovative tools and techniques, Sandeep Gangola has established himself as a social media specialist who is a past master in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and building strong SEO.

His sharp and intelligent mind is not only capable of doing multiple tasks but he also can perform complex tasks with much ease. The young entrepreneur is from Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Born on August 28, 1999, he was always a mediocre student in academics who had his mind running in other creative aspects. More than books, he spent time on the computer after which the 21-year old developed keen interest in social media. With having done no course of social media marketing, the talented guy learned all the tactics by himself spending time on the internet.

At 13, the young boy developed his own gaming website named trickmania.com which was then unfortunately taken down due to some technical blunder. His first digital marketing venture was during college with his friend. The venture was a failed attempt due to no logistical issues. After he started working independently, he never looked back and went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a social media expert. “Failure teaches you a lot of things. Being in the safe zone does not teach you anything but definitely makes you lazy. I understood the value of content and how it does wonders on the internet”, he quoted. Walking away from the crowd and making his own path, this young entrepreneur has truly carved his name as one of the most prominent social media experts.

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Abdullah Fawaz

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