patel aakash

Social Media Expert is here to rescue you from Digital Demons: Know Patel Aakash

Patel Aakash is a young entrepreneur and Social Media Growth Hacker. Just Like his name Aakash, He has the wide technical knowledge and problem-solving skills in Youtube Channel Management and Social Media. At the age of 24, Aakash made great space for himself in the field of Youtube Channel Management Consultant and social media as well as digital media. It is more important because in the youth of that age just completed the study and searching for a job.

He has been Youtube Channel Manager and social media consultant and PR of many well-known singers and artists like Kinjal Dave, Jignesh Kaviraj, Urvashi Radadiya, Shital Thakor, Ashok Thakor etc. His tender shoulders have lifted really heavy responsibilities.

At age 19-20 Aakash realized he wants to do work in youtube and social media and day by day gather knowledge from various sources. And today he makes his name a few well-known entrepreneurs in a particular field.
Most important he is Self-confident, self-motivated technical guy. Being at the peak of his career, Patel Aakash has never feared to experiment with his works. His efforts are very well recognized and rewarded.
At present many challenges occur in social media and YouTube but Akash always tries to find a unique way to solve the problem and the client find the solution. He is having a strong technical team to manage mass work. He is having the expertise to guide the social media verification process like the Facebook page, Facebook id, Instagram account, twitter I’d, hello account TikTok etc…

He can consult and guide to get a verification badge which is necessary for celebrity, politicians and any well-known personality. Patel Aakash is a very active talented youngster in this field. His kindness and working style attract the most.

He is eager to learn more and more & go to the depth of the ocean of social media.

He believes that “Success is a matter of choice, not a chance”
And he proves till now.

Therefore Word “Growth hacker” suite the best to Patel Aakash.
Patel Akash believes that I am not in competition with my competitor, I find my own way to do business in this field.