Singer Derviş İpek Speaks About His Multi-Talented Personality, Says “I Always Try To Be Myself”

The solution to every mood is just one answer – music. It can lighten up whatever mood you are in. All you need to do to connect to music is to feel it. One name who is creating a tremor in the music market is Derviş İpek. He is popular among the youth in Germany and Turkey. Gradually, he is gaining popularity among all the age groups across the globe. The handsome singer known for his singles has created a loyal fanbase with his outstanding work. His single acoustic titled ‘Beyaz’ was a milestone in his career which was well received by his fans.

Besides singing, Derviş has been grabbing everyone’s eyeballs with his impeccable sense of style. A true fashionista, he believes to set his own trends. Many celebrities have been smitten by the singer’s fashion. His good looks have also landed him roles in several commercials and many brands have approached this lad for collaborations. The multi-talented man is truly on a roll and his magnetic personality has attracted a lot of fans. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Derviş is exploring himself in different fields and is one of the most versatile personalities across Germany.

With having won many accolades for work, he has also attended several fashion and music events as a chief guest. While speaking about his diverse talents, he said, “All I ever wanted to become was a famous singer. I was working hard day and night towards it. I strongly believe that nothing comes easy in life. You need to work hard towards your goal. I never thought I was that good looking. Brands did approach me for collaborations as they liked my style. I always try to be myself because I believe nobody can walk in my shoes better than myself. Things just fell into place and I am grateful for it.” Moreover, his music has been enjoyed by many and he has managed to reach millions with his melodic voice.