Sia Says She Felt Safe with the Kardashians after Sunday Service News

Sia Says She Felt Safe with the Kardashians after Sunday Service

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Time icon July 22, 2020

Sia revealed how Kanye and the Kardashians helped her through difficult times. She reveals that they helped her through her battle with complex PTSD and various mental health struggles. 

The singer revealed in an interview with  Mix 104.1’s Karson & Kennedy Talk with Famous People. She talked about her experience attending back-to-back Kanye West’s Sunday service. Sia said she did not leave the house for anything else but the service.

The performer added that Kim had a soothing impact on her. She acknowledged it to be weird but she felt safe. Sia met the reality star through Jennifer Lopez.

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The singer revealed that she loves them and she has met them in the last couple of years. Although she admits those few years were very hard for her. Sia said when she talked about editing the movie and feeling sick, she was not joking. The star explained wanting it to be exceptional made her sick.

Sia admitted to not leaving the house for three years except for attending the Sunday Service. She said she would go to the service because the singing was incredible.

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The Chandelier artist revealed how she felt comfortable with the reality TV family. She was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder which later on turned out to be post-traumatic stress. The singer revealed she was doing a lot of complex PTSD trauma recovery in the past three years. She said she did not realize that her diagnosis was wrong.

Sia said she would be with the famous family and her friends on Sunday. She further revealed that after the service they would sometimes go to Kourtney’s house and hang out. The singer said, “sometimes we would go to Kourtney’s house and swim and hang out and I just felt really safe.”

Sia Says Kim is Really Protective of Her

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Sia further revealed that Kim was really protective of her and her image. She used to give her a place to relax. The singer gave instances and said if Kim thought anyone in the group was gonna try to ask her for a selfie; or was gonna try to FaceTime their children, she was extremely protective.

The singer admiringly said that she was shocked and grateful that Kim intervened. She explained that Kim did not need to do that but when she thought someone was about to try and exploit the singer on her property, she would be protective.

Sia said, “And I, just, couldn’t believe it.” The singer revealed her future plans and said that she is collaborating with producer Judd Apatow, on a biographical scripted series. She said, ‘Whether it takes two years, three years, four years, five years – there will be a reality show but I won’t be playing myself!’

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Sia has performed during the Sunday service in May of 2019. She put a gospel twist in her song Elastic Heart. Kim took to her Instagram and posted saying, ‘No mics, no band, no speakers but it was perfect.’ She also said there was no dry eye in the room.

Earlier, the singer revealed how becoming famous ‘should fall under a traumatic category’. She revealed it contributed to her PTSD diagnosis. Sia revealed, ‘I had a lot of suicidal ideation over the last three and a half years. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was finally diagnosed with complex PTSD and not bipolar two.’

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