Shahrukh Khan’s 55th Birthday: Fans To Throw Virtual Party

#HappyBirthdaySRK is trending on Twitter on the occasion of Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh Khan’s 55 birthday.

According to the Times of India, a member of Shah Rukh Khan’s fan club has said that fans will cut cakes at their homes and through live streaming they can be a part of the celebrations.

The report added that after last night’s event, there will be a virtual birthday party on Monday (November 2) at 11 a.m. with selfie booths, games, SRK quizzes, live chat between fans and a few performances.

In addition, some charitable activities such as 5555 masks and sanitizers with 5555 code kits, distribution of 5555 meals to the needy, orphanages and old age homes are also planned.

Shah Rukh is currently in the UAE with his family and he told fans in a question-and-answer session, “This time love is a little far away.”

Yash, a member of his fan club, told the Mumbai Mirror that Shah Rukh and his team were aware of the plan and hoped that the actors would be part of the virtual party for some time to come.

“Even if they can’t be a part, we’re sure they’ll do something special because they love their fans so much,” he added.

Yash said that 5,000 fans from all over the world will participate in the virtual celebrations of Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday.

Remember that Shah Rukh Khan will turn 55 on November 2 this year and in this regard, his fans are now excited to celebrate his birthday in a new way.

Fans usually visit the Maratha Temple on November 1 every year to see his film Dilwale Dulhaniya on November 1, but cinemas in India are closed due to Corona and an online screening of the film was planned on the same day.


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