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Seth Rogen explains how he avoided a conversation with Tom Cruise about Scientology

Seth Rogen, a Canadian-American actor, recently admitted in a podcast that he avoided discussing Scientology with Tom Cruise because he didn’t want to offend him.

According to Fox News, the 39-year-old comedian appeared on Howard Stern’s public broadcast and revealed that he had visited Tom’s home for a meeting about his foray into comedy. He was asked to listen to a pitch about Scientology, his faith. According to Seth, the meeting took place when Tom was still married to Katie Holmes, at the “height” of Tom’s popularity.

Scientology Conversation

The actor who played Simba in the Lion King recalled, “We met with him for several hours, and after a few hours, the Scientology issue arose. How strange he’s been appearing in the papers lately…. ‘And it’s the same for Scientology,’ he adds. ‘If you let me tell you what it was really about — if you gave me 20 minutes to tell you what it was really about, you’d say ‘no f way,” he said.”

Rogen was confused by Tom’s phrasing. “I was thinking, “Is that a smart thing to say?” Is it a bad thing to say that? “he stated Fortunately, the pitch was rejected by director Judd Apatow, who was also present. “Woof, missed the bullet,” Seth exclaimed.

Tom was recently in the news after a leaked audio recording from the set of his next film, Mission: Impossible 7, last year defended his Covid-19 protocol rant.

Tom said in an interview with Empire Magazine: “I said what I meant to say. At that point, there was a lot on the line. It wasn’t my whole band, though. I had the crew quit the set, and only a few people remained.”

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