SerpLogic Discuss SEO in 2020 – 5 Tips to Follow News

SerpLogic Discuss SEO in 2020 – 5 Tips to Follow

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Time icon June 25, 2020

SEO is changing dramatically according to Tommy McDonald from SerpLogic, however a lot of things are still staying the same.

SerpLogic has been in the business for half a decade and McDonald for over one whole one, so they know what they’re on about. We sat down to discuss SEO in 2020 and also tips to follow. 

1.         Know What Your Target Keywords Are

The foundation of any SEO campaign lies with a proper understanding of your target keywords.  Through these keywords, your target audience can find your business with ease and vice versa.  The keywords can be anything from your brand name, services, and products offered, and anything else related to the business. Identifying just the right keywords to use for SEO campaigns can, however, be an intimidating task for many.  Turning to simple keyword tools such as Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool by Google would be a wise move.

2.         Start A Blog

About 77% of all internet users love to read blogs.  Whatever your business is, starting a blog provides a great avenue to get to and connect with your target audience. One of the advantages of having a blog is that you get the freedom to provide fresh and relevant information about your products or brand to the target audience. As you probably know, most people will first do simple research on a product or company before they can engage/make an order. Creating and publishing fresh content about your product and brand makes it possible for them (the target audience) to find all the information they need about you.  Search engines will also index high-quality blogs, especially those generating tons of traffic and shared across platforms. This increases your online popularity and rankings significantly.

3.         Claim A Features Snippets Position

If you are an avid internet user, you then might have noticed a ‘featured answer (in a box)’ just above all other search results. The featured answer ideally provides a summary of responses you’d expect from the query entered on the search engine.  This box is known as a featured snippet.

If you can land a position on these featured snippets (based on your target keywords), there’s then a high chance reader will click on the link, hence be redirected to your website. Studies show that featured snippets have a click-through rate of a little more than 100 percent. This is more than any other marketing campaign can achieve.

Claiming a position on these featured snippets takes more than just creating excellent content. For starters, you need to provide short and precise answers on the subject matter in just under 58 words.  The answer should start with words like ‘the first step is,’ ‘you can start by,’ and ‘the answer is,’ among others.

Your optimized/target keywords also ought to be among the top 5 positions of a search result for you to qualify for a featured snippet position.  You could use SEMrush, among other tools, to find out which of your keywords are ranked highly and do qualify for featured snippets.

4.         Have Your Titles Optimized For SEO

Properly optimized headings in each of your blog posts can help improve your ranking. That said, don’t just use the headings to break up content, but to boost your rankings as well. You can do this by

  • Including a primary keyword at least once in a Title (H1)
  • Tagging all headings with the appropriate tags (H1) for main titles and (H2) for subtitles.
  • Ensure the main titles are only made up of 6 words, and less than 65 characters.

5.         Publish Unique And Informative Content

Google, among other search engines, prefer giving their users detailed information on just one single piece, and not fragments of the same. This could be one of the reasons most of the top-ranked pages on Google have an average of 1890 words. Creating unique, informative, and in-depth posts about your product or brand could, therefore, get you to the ‘promised land.’ Creating such long pieces, however, means proper research and certainty of what you are writing. Just be sure to check everything out before hitting the submit button.

With these simple tips, you will be on your way to a great website. For comprehensive SEO services contact SerpLogic to discuss your requirements.

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