Selling Sunset: Chrishell Explains Story Behind Rumors Christine Fueled

Selling Sunset: Chrishell Explains Story Behind Rumors Christine Fueled

Chrishell Stause has responded to fan conjecture about why she cut ties with her co-star Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset. Christine recently responded to a listener who questioned whether Christine was the source of the slanderous stories regarding Chrishell.

In season 4, it’s all about watching the two coworkers talk poorly about each other while having no interaction. According to what has been shown on the show, the cameras did not capture anything that would lead to them becoming arch-foes. Christine, on the other hand, crossed the line behind the scenes; according to Chrishell, and the two haven’t spoken much since.

Soon after the series began, things between Chrishell and Christine deteriorated. Christine wasted no time in hazing Chrishell; who was the new girl at the time. Christine had left Chrishell in tears by the end of the season after barking at her during a work party. Things were bad between them in seasons 2 and 3; but Chrishell was going through a divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley; and Christine was getting ready to marry Christian Richard.

Despite her broken marriage, Chrishell found it in herself to attend Christine’s wedding and show her support. By the fourth season, Chrishell and Christine had stopped communicating with each other. Chrishell has been more forthright about her disdain for Christine; and Christine has been more forthright about her dislike for Chrishell.

The two are seen badmouthing one other to The Oppenheim Group representatives, but Chrishell claims she isn’t feuding with Christine for the cameras. Her problems with her co-star have manifested themselves in real life. Chrishell recently reacted to fan conjecture on Twitter after one fan inquired as to why she appeared to be “bashing” Christine during Season 4.

“Had to prove from both sides that it was false before they cut it”

“You eluded to ‘life ruining rumors’ but what proof do you have those came from her?” the fan inquired. Chrishell responded to the criticism by explaining why Christine went too far and ended up in court. “When I threatened legal action against an outlet if they ran a very false story they gave up their source and decided not to publish,” Chrishell said, adding that the event “cost me thousands of dollars and weeks after I lost my mom.”

Fans, on the other hand, were unconvinced that Chrishell had proof that Christine was behind the claims. Another fan questioned Chrishell about how she knew the outlet’s source was Christine and not someone else, and Chrishell responded. However, the Dancing With the Stars star revealed that her lawyers had a “heated” back-and-forth with the publication over the source; which took days to sort out.

According to Chrishell, the publication was attempting to protect its source in order to distribute the fraudulent statements. “Had to prove from both sides that it was false before they cut it,” Chrishell added. She applauded everyone who still tried to find a reason to support Christine. “If you guys could ignore that on top of everything else, you are a bigger person than me,” she continued.

Chrishell and Christine do not appear to be on speaking terms anytime soon. Christine has burned so many bridges on the programme that she now has few if any, friends. She, like Chrishell, trashed Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa in an interview; prompting the couple to cut her off. Christine should quit disseminating gossip and hearsay to the press if she wants to keep her friends on Selling Sunset. The alum may be going too far with her evil persona, and Chrishell is defending herself.

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