Selena Gomez’s ‘Ice Cream’ Teaser Poster and Video Has Arrived

YG Entertainment unveiled the latest ‘Ice Cream’ teaser poster featuring Selena Gomez. The highly-anticipated collaboration of BlackPink and Selena Gomez is almost here. YG Entertainment has been teasing fans almost everyday by teasing a poster with BlackPink and now, Selena.

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Selena is seen smiling ear-to-ear as she dons a candy-striped pair of separates. She paired it with a sailor hat, white gloves, chunky gold hoops, and wind-tousled hair. The poster further contains the release date of the song which is on August 28  at midnight EST/1:00 p.m. KST.

Fans got a look at each member of Blackpink, Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa. The group dons similar vintage fashion, rocking their own ’70s-inspired looks filled with lots of lots of bright colors, flower power and macrame.

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In another little tease, fans got a small clip where Selena and Blackpink talk via video call. Selena says she has been a big fan of Blackpink because of which this feels like a dream come true to her. The love-filled Facetime call has Selena and Blackpink fans going even more crazy.

“Ice Cream” is set to be featured as the second pre-release single off Blackpink’s long-awaited debut album, Blackpink: The Album The group’s first full-length studio set will be released Oct. 2 via YG Entertainment.

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Not just that, Selena shared a teaser video of ‘Ice Cream’. The singer wrote special delivery and informed fans when the song is releasing and tagged Blackpink on the post. Selena is seen wearing the same outfit as the poster. The teaser looks full of color and life as we only get Selena singing ‘Ice Cream’ in the teaser.

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Selena’s Customized Ice Cream

Along with this, Selena is also collaborating with the ice cream brand, Serendipity and the iconic Serendipity3 Restaurants announced on Monday (Aug. 24). The ice cream is customized by Selena as the pint called Cookies & Cream Remix is made with pink vanilla ice cream, crunchy cookie bits, and gobs of gooey fudge.

Selena announced this collaboration on her social media handle, as she eats the ice cream out of the container. The singer says it tastes like heaven and went on to explain her excitement. She said as she grew up, she loved the Serendipity restaurant.

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“I couldn’t be more excited to become a partner in their expanding brand,” said Gomez said in a press statement. “For the Cookies & Cream remix, I wanted to put my own personal spin on this classic flavor by making it with pink vanilla ice cream as a nod to my girls Blackpink and celebrate our new song ‘Ice Cream.’”

President and COO of Serendipity Brands, Sal Pesce, also shared her excitement and said as a “forever” fan, Selena has brought a fresh perspective. He added that she also brought a whole new set of fans to help them takeover the decadent ice cream category with our innovative, indulgent mixes.

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Cookies & Cream Remix will be available on the “Ice Cream” collab’s release date (August 28) in supermarkets, convenience stores and other food retailers across the country and online at

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On the other hand, Selena’s fans were upset that they did not figure out earlier that her new song, ‘Ice Cream’, might have been coming for a while. The singer might have dropped hints a few days ago. Selena had given us a tour of her fridge and posted it on her social media. But guess what? She had a number of serendipity ice creams. Fans noted how relatable she was but unfortunately, nobody figured out that it might actually have been her teasing her fans with ice cream.

Along with that Selena and Blinks (Blackpink fans) are coming together to support each other on Twitter. Selena has been trending for a long time on Twitter now. We cannot wait for the release of their song any longer.


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