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Season 5B’s Ending Has Changed Since Season 6’s Renewal

When Netflix unexpectedly renewed Lucifer for a sixth season, the showrunners explain how the end of season 5B changed. Lucifer returned to Netflix this past weekend with 8 new episodes to conclude out its fifth season. It began with the long-awaited advent of God (Dennis Haysbert), who came to earth with a mission: to chose one of his sons to succeed him. Part 2 of Lucifer season 5 was packed with significant, emotional surprises and laid the stage for a final season that promised to be very different from the previous seasons. Despite this, Season 6 wasn’t planned to occur.

Another Season on the way

Lucifer’s life was already being extended when Netflix took it up. After three seasons on Fox, Lucifer was cancelled, but the show’s popularity prompted Netflix to order two more seasons. Season 5 was supposed to be Lucifer’s final season.

When star Tom Ellis signed a new deal last year, though, the streaming service extended the show’s run. Despite the lack of a release date, Lucifer season 6 wrapped production early this year, indicating that the show’s finale is near.

Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, the showrunners of Lucifer, sat down with TVLine to break through all of season 5B’s big revelations and look ahead to season 6. They were immediately understood about how the surprising renewal affected the finish of Season 5B. Fans may be surprised to learn that little has changed since the showrunners realised they already had the ideal ending scripted.

Fortunately, Lucifer will be back for another ten episodes, bringing the story to a suitable conclusion. Henderson and Modrovich have created a new plot that has been regarded as a love letter to fans, despite the fact that it was not part of their original concept.

Lucifer season 6 is unlikely to debut until later this year at the earliest, given that season 5 just ended. Meanwhile, viewers may speculate on what that final bombshell means for the show’s conclusion and watch it all unfold on Netflix.

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