Season 4 of Manifest is set to begin filming this year

Jeff Rake, the creator and showrunner of Manifest, has stated that season 4, the final season, will begin filming this year. The series, which first broadcast in 2018, followed the passengers on Montego Air Flight 828, which went missing for five and a half years.

When the jet landed, people on board had no idea how much time had passed or where they had been, but weird ‘callings’ began to occur. Despite its popularity among NBC audiences and Rake’s plans for a sixth season, Manifest was cancelled in June after only three seasons, with season three ending on a dramatic cliffhanger.

Following the news, Manifest supporters took to social media to demand that Netflix preserve the series from cancellation, using the hashtag #SaveManifest. The hashtag gained traction after Stephen King, a well-known horror author, asked for the show to be restored as well.

Manifest’s first and second seasons led Netflix’s Daily Top 10 list for 27 days in a row during this time, tying Tiger King for the most time spent at the top.

Netflix announced on August 28th (828 day to fans) that the series has been chosen up for a fourth and final season consisting of 20 episodes, thanks to Manifest’s strong performance on the streaming site and a loyal fan movement.

November Or December

Rake told EW that filming on Manifest season 4 will start in “November or December” at the very least, when asked about the show’s return. While he and the rest of the crew are working as quickly as they can to release new episodes, he stressed the importance of “quality control” to ensure that the final episodes satisfy the high expectations of viewers.

Read Rake’s full statement below:

“We are confident that we will be able to begin production this calendar year. I’m hoping to start filming in November or December at ¬†least. We’ll work as quickly as possible while maintaining quality control, because we want to get episodes out to everyone as soon as possible. We want them to be exceptional as well. It may take a little while for a new batch of episodes to arrive in people’s homes, but it will be well worth the wait.”


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