Season 2 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings is moving production from New Zealand to UK News

Season 2 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings is moving production from New Zealand to UK

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Time icon August 13, 2021

Season 2 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings will be shot in New Zealand. Lord of the Rings, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, is one of the best-selling fantasy novels of all time, with a swarm of epic cinematic adaptations directed by Peter Jackson. Amazon shocked the fantasy world in 2017 when it announced a multi-season Lord of the Rings TV series.

Amazon’s series is set in the Tolkien timeline known as The Second Age, and takes place long before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. The Second Age covers 3,441 years, beginning with the creation of the One Ring and concluding with the destruction of Sauron’s army.

It introduces new characters and story arcs to the tale. It was recently confirmed that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will be released in September 2022. Following the announcement of the release date, it was also revealed that the first season of Lord of the Rings had concluded filming in West Auckland, New Zealand. Season 2 appears to be taking a different path now.

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UK Instead of New Zealand

Lord of the Rings Season 2 will be shot in the United Kingdom rather than New Zealand, according to Amazon Studios. Season 2 is expected to begin filming in the United Kingdom in January 2022.

Amazon hasn’t announced the particular site in the UK where season 2 will be shot, but it has stated that the shift is due to the streaming service’s efforts to extend its footprint in the country. Thanking New Zealand for their hospitality throughout the first season.

Lord of the Rings, created by Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne, may be the most expensive, comprehensive, and extensive series of all time.

For the time being, Lord of the Rings fans are concerned about the announcement of production moving to the United Kingdom for Season 2, as New Zealand’s stunning landscapes were the appropriate setting for Tolkien’s stories. Of course, anticipation for Amazon’s new take on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series is growing.

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