Sean Andre Transforms Stereotypes Into Power On Degenerates

Knowledge is power, and America has a unique way of hiding it from African Americans.  For centuries large portions of America’s history have been altered in history books to uplift one race and suppress another.  African Americans learn Black History from white teachers with a segregated viewpoint.  Black youths are deprived of invaluable information which empowers their self-esteem and validation of purpose.    

Money without knowledge makes a person powerless and victimized by their hidden enemies.  In 2020, the racial paradigm in America shifted within eight minutes and forty-six seconds.  George Floyd’s death divided and unified America simultaneously. Black America reached its tipping point, and the world acknowledges its deep-rooted pain.   

Major Recording Artist Sean Andre identifies as a black king and nothing less. Every picture he takes reflects his kingly persona and royal heritage. Born inside Brooklyn, New York’s concrete jungle, Sean Andre, understands ‘all or nothing.’  New York is the mecca of Hip-Hop, and Brooklyn represents two of the greatest in Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z.    

Rapping comes naturally for Sean Andre, and the ability to convert images of pain into visions of hope provides a significant distance between him and the competition. Sean Andre doesn’t release music unless it can impact rap culture and inspire people to change.    

On December 5, 2020, Sean Andre released an end-of-the-year anthem with ‘Degenerates.’ The hard-hitting track integrates social justice, black awareness, rap opulence, and classic Hip-Hop bravado. Sean Andre’s music protects Hip-Hop culture and is inspiring future kings.    


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