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Sculpture ‘Earth Goddess’ By Famous Artist Sandy Brown To Be Erected In Cornwall This Year

The United Kingdom’s highest and the tallest glass-ceramic sculpture will be installed in Cornwall later this year, as per reliable various news publications.

Artist-Sandy Brown’s Earth Goddess sculpture will be as hight as 10.5 meters. It is more than two double-decker buses stacked on top of each other.

It is part of a project to restore the city of St. Austell, which was once famous for Chinese clay industry.

Celebrating Womanhood

Brown says of her creation that it doesn’t look like a human figure and it was actually designed to celebrate womanhood.

“I really wanted this sculpture to make an impact and I wanted her to be female and making an impact,” she told the BBC’s arts correspondent Rebecca Jones.

“We all have all these sculptures by well known male artists which are doing really powerful work. Let’s have some presence of the female as well.”

The Earth Goddess Sculpture

Technically complex, the Earth-Goddess sculpture is made up of a series of five clay circles, each of which consists of three parts stacked on top of one another.

With huge outstretched arms, about 6m wide, they are decorated with drops and streaks of bright colors.

When asked why exactly was Brown trying to build a giant female figure, she went on to say that, “Because I don’t think we have one, actually, do we? And it sort of took me right back actually to my mother – my mother was criticised by her parents for being a girl.

What Was The Idea Behind The Sculpture?

Artist behind the tallest UK Ceramics sculpture Brown has said that she agrees with the Jones’s that most ambitious projects which are undertaken by female artists are often overlooked, and tend to generate less and less hype than the same projects made by male colleagues, such as Anthony Gormley, or Anish Kapoor.

“I think probably only when my work became much much bigger and much more ambitious, then I could say that, ‘Yes, it’s not a level playing field in the same way’,” she said.

“When I’m making pots, that hasn’t been a disadvantage at all. It’s the more ambitious I’m becoming in terms of size and scale, then I can see exactly what you’re saying.”

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