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Scott Disick posts vacation photo amidst news of split with Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick‘s birthday celebrations come right after news of his split with Sofia Richie, his girlfriend of 3 years. Scott Disick took to Instagram right after the news dropped, to post a photo of himself chilling by a pool. Kourtney and Scott spent his birthday weekend together with their kids in Utah. News of Scott and Sofia’s breakup hit right when he and Kourtney got back from their trip.

Their relationship had “ran its course”

An unnamed source admitted that the Scott and Sofia’s relationship had “ran its course” and apparently, Scott Disick “had gone back to his old ways” and Richie started to get “fed up.” There were also talks about Richie growing increasingly tired of Disick’s convoluted relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, his ex with whom he shares three children. “Kourtney didn’t make it easy for [Sofia], and you can only tolerate that kind of treatment for so long.” the source revealed.

Sofia looking out for him and his best interest

However, Richie and Scott don’t seem to have ended things on bad terms. The source revealed, “Sofia thinks Scott has a lot on his plate right now and thinks it’s best for them to be apart so he can focus on himself. She is only looking out for him and his best interest and it was primarily her decision for them to split. Sofia has been spending time with her family and has taken a majority of her stuff out of Scott’s house,”

This month seems to be quite eventful in Scott disick’s life. Not only did he go through a breakup, but he also went to rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse. Insiders revealed he was having a hard time coping with the death of his own parents a few years ago.


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