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While few people do not mind wearing scars, others want to reduce and get rid of those scars. Some people get results through home remedies and creams whereas some people do not get the desired results. Worry not! There is a product available on Amazon which not only helps in removing body scars but also removes injury burns and acne from the skin. Aroamas Professional Silicone Scar Sheets is available on the E-Commerce website which is used by plastic surgeons, hospitals, burn centres and dermatologists. The pack consists of 8 reusable sheets which are priced at $32.99.

Aroamas’ medical-grade silicone is professionally developed and designed to give the best results in scar removal. The scar removal sheets are clinically proven to improve the colour, size, texture and overall appearance of scars resulting from injury, burns and acne. After using the product, the optimal results are expected in about 12 weeks. Without any harmful ingredients, these silicone sheets are safe, reusable, long-lasting and most importantly free from drugs. One can wash the sheet and reuse for up to 2 weeks with proper cleaning and maintenance.

How to use:

1) Clean and dry the scar area.

2) Cut sheet according to the size and shape of the scar.

3) Peel off liner from the adhesive side of the sheet.

4) Apply the adhesive side of the sheet directly on the scar.

5) Take it off for a shower. If it gets stained, gently wash silicone sheets in warm water and let it dry.

One can use this effective product immediately after the wound is healed. The scars are visible after the wound gets healed. These silicone sheets soften the scars. The more mature the scar is, the longer will be the treatment cycle. The product has got an average rating of 4.7 stars and more than 2,300 reviews with the majority of the users giving positive feedback about the product.

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