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Sandra Oh Reacts to Fans Binge-Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in Quarantine

Sandra Oh expresses how thrilled she is that Grey’s Anatomy is still bringing people joy, 15 years after its premiere.

On an episode of Entertainment Tonight, Lauren Zima spoke to the Killing Eve alum about people turning to the long-time medical drama amid quarantine. Sandra used to play the iconic character of Dr. Cristina Yang from 2005 to 2014. She said she noticed a new crop of fans of the medical drama after the series started streaming on Netflix.

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The actress says that with time more people will continue to discover the show as time goes. She said she wants people to enjoy the stories because there is a ‘real great comfort’ and a great familiarity in Greys. Sandra said, . “I’m really happy to be a part of that.”

Sandra was a part of many such projects like; The Princess Diaries to Killing Eve. The actress, however, admits that she only saw a positive change in Hollywood for the last two years when it comes to diversity. Although Sandra says the fight for good and inclusive roles are far from over.

Sandra expressed her gratitude for her upcoming projects and said, “I’m very, very grateful that my dance card is full.” She also explained why it is not easy to be a non-white actress. The actress said she is noticing interesting and different challenges.

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She said, “When you tell diverse stories and you have diverse characters, you can’t make stuff the same way. You can’t make stuff the way you have for white stories. The system is set up for storytelling to go at a certain pace, and integrate a certain type of budget, and blah blah blah.”

Sandra Hopes For The Opening For Diverse Storytelling 

The Killing Eve actress said she realizes now that they want to tell a story. However, she explains, “But we want to tell your story on a schedule of how we would tell a white story.” Sandra says it does not work that way.

Sandra’s new animated film with an all-Asian cast, Over The Moon, is said to be on its way. The movie is about a girl who builds a rocket to meet a mythical goddess on the moon. However, according to Sandra, it is really about “a blended family and how you have to move on from and confront grief.”

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The actress talks about the impact she hopes the film brings in is that it will be an opening for diverse storytelling. “I am so happy to be a part of it in any kind of way,” she says. “This project has so much heart in it, and great music, and just beautiful animation. So it’s a real gift to be a part of the cast.”

Over the Moon will be in select theaters on Oct. 9. It will premiere on Netflix Oct. 23.

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