Ryan Reynolds Says “Hard Pass” To Petition To Rename A Vancouver Street After Him

Ryan Reynolds does not want to have a street named in his honor. Vancouver radio show The Kevin and Sonia Show with Tara Jean on 104.9 launched an online petition. The petition requested Canadian city’s mayor, Kennedy Stewart to name a street after the Deadpool actor.

Ryan is described as “Vancouver’s favorite son” in the petition and it stated that he deserves to have a street named after him. The petition also states that the actor is fully deserving of this recognition in his hometown. It also mentioned the reasons why honor should be given to the actor.

The petition mentioned that Ryan has proudly helped elevate the positive profile of his hometown to a worldwide audience. “And we feel for all he’s done for the community, he’s entirely deserving of a street named after him,” stated the petition. Further, in conclusion, the radio show also noted that they recognized Vancouver only names streets after people who have passed.

However, they also noted there have been exceptions in the past few years. The petition also added, “PLUS technically Ryan is Dead(pool)”. It said the case they are presenting is pretty solid. Fans noticed the initiative and brought it to the limelight and it eventually reached the actor.

Ryan took to Twitter to express that he is not keen on the idea of having a street named after him. He described the initiative as very kind but he said he will give it a “hard pass”. The actor wrote, “If traffic sucks everyone will say, ‘Ryan Reynolds is a mess’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds is really backed up.’ My brothers would enjoy this too much.”

Ryan’s Contribution To His Hometown

However, the actor’s response was also updated on the petition as the KiSS radio show reacted to the comment. The petition has garnered over 3000 signatures for the initiative. “So … should we keep it going, even if it’s just for the hilarious puns and the reasons he listed?” the petition now reads.

The Deadpool star was born in Vancouver and has always strived to support his hometown. Recently, the actor and his wife, Blake Lively, started donating to at-risk youths struggling with homelessness in Canada. The couple donated $250,000 to both Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant House Toronto. It is an organization that Ryan has supported for a long time.

The nonprofit provides homeless youth with basic needs like food and shelter as well as helps to prepare them to live independent and successful futures, according to its website. It also helps those who are victims of sex trafficking.

In the press release of the organization, the actor explained how Covenant House provides love, hope, and stability for at-risk youths who have fled physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. He described their work as “work of heroes”.

The actor added, “For us, helping Covenant House this way isn’t a donation, but an investment in compassion and empathy; something the world needs more of.”

Ryan further stated that young people who pass through the doors of the organization have a story marked by extraordinary trauma. He said, “They are so much more than that trauma. They have so much to offer the world.”


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