Ryan Reynolds Explains How To Punch Dwayne Johnson & Get Away With It

Ryan Reynolds Explains How To Punch Dwayne Johnson & Get Away With It

Ryan Reynolds reveals the method of punching Dwayne Johnson and getting away with it in a new video. Reynolds and Johnson are presently acting alongside Gal Gadot in the Netflix original thriller Red Notice. The action-comedy, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, had the greatest opening weekend of any Netflix film to date; and it remains the service’s most-watched film over the Thanksgiving holiday.

In Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Reynolds and Johnson previously starred together. Both stars’ individual efforts in 2021 have received a good response; with Johnson’s Jungle Cruise and Reynolds’ Free Guy both performing extraordinarily well at the box office. Red Notice was shot during the height of the epidemic and has since been a huge blockbuster for Netflix; with rumours of a sequel, Red Notice 2, in the works, probably with Reynolds, Johnson, and Gadot.

Reynolds is asked in a new Tik Tok video if he ever punched Johnson while filming Red Notice, and he says no. The actor continues, “Never. I would never do that because that would be the end of my life as I know it.” Reynolds did say, though, that having “an excellent getaway plan.” is the key to getting the upper hand on Johnson. In the video, Reynolds appears to criticise Johnson’s lack of speed; adding that he doubts The Rock would be able to catch anyone who hits him unless they “walk really fast.”

Reynolds is now on a break from acting, but has a number of projects in the works for 2022, including The Adam Project; starring Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Garner, and Spirited, starring Will Ferrell. Johnson has two DC projects coming out next year: DC’s League of Super-Pets, in which he voices the main pup Krypto, and Black Adam; the first live-action adaptation of the legendary anti-hero. Johnson is also gearing up to shoot Red One, an Amazon original picture, with Jumanji director Jake Kasdan.

With such intricate and dangerous-looking battles in Red Notice; it’s safe to assume Reynolds hit Johnson a few times during production; but it’s also conceivable the two actors dodged the fight entirely. Even if Reynolds did hit Johnson, it’s likely that both would remain professional about the event and go on with their lives.

That said, it would be entertaining to witness Reynolds deliver an unintentional hit to the face and Johnson’s reaction; who, while renowned as a gentle giant, could surely take on Reynolds if he so desired. It would be interesting to see whether Reynolds would sprint or merely “walk really fast” afterwards.

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