Ryan Reynolds believes Paul Rudd will be ‘wasted’ with the title of Sexiest Man Alive

On November 10, Paul Rudd was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2021, and netizens praised the magazine’s choice. Rudd’s Hollywood friends, including Seth Rogen, Mark Ruffalo, and others, were quick to remark and congratulate him, but Ryan Reynolds’ reply was the most amusing. The hero of Red Notice displayed his wit when he joked about the title being “wasted” on Paul Rudd.

“I worry that this chance will be wasted on him, like so many others before him,” Ryan Reynolds stated during an interview with Today about Paul Rudd’s humble attitude despite being named the Sexiest Man Alive. Further elaborating on why he believes it will be a wasted chance, the actor stated, “He’ll keep a low profile. He’ll keep it low-key and humble. I wouldn’t if I knew what I know now. You must take advantage of this opportunity.”

Ryan, who has crowned the Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, stated that he would approach the situation differently today than he did then. The Red Notice star joked that he wouldn’t leave his family and went on to build a funny vision of what he would do instead, claiming he would travel the world clutching his “dog-eared People magazine” and sow his wild oats like a “kind of nude, magical gardener.”

Mark Ruffalo, Rudd’s Avengers: Endgame co-star, was among those who commented to Rudd’s title on Instagram, writing, “Is Paul Rudd the sexiest man alive?! This day will come, I knew it. Man, congrats. I wish you would never grow old so that you may keep this title.”

Paul Rudd as Sexiest Man Alive For The Year 2021

The Ant-Man star is regarded for being one of Hollywood’s most modest actors, and his reaction to being named the Sexiest Man Alive illustrates this even more. The actor told People that he understands that after the news, a lot of people will say, “What?” Not content with this modest response, the actor went on to say, “There are so many people who should get this before me.”

Paul said that as a result of being named the Sexiest Man Alive, he would finally be invited to “sexy dinners with [George] Clooney, [Brad] Pitt, and [Michael] B. Jordan.”

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