Russian TikToker Renata Ri Under Fire For Racist ‘Ugly Black Men’ Comment

While TikTok allows anyone from any part of the world to share their views, it does not always turn out to be fruitful. Recently, a Russian TikToker with the username Renata Ri passed a racist comment about ‘ugly black men’ and the internet is not pleased.

Renata Ri, whose real name is Valliulina is accused of passing a sensitive and racist comment. The context of the statement is as follows: Renata Ri tried to explain about her dating life. While doing so, she told that she travelled a foreign counttry for an year and there were only ugly black men there.

Renata Ri Responds

The TikToker faced a lot of backlash from the online world which has prompted her to issue a public statement addressing the issue.

“I would do a live to address this, but my English is not great and this is a sensitive topic so I wouldn’t want to say anything in an incorrect matter [sic].

“However, whoever translated this interview did a very poor job. In the Russian language with the proper context I was saying that I was stranded in a foreign country surrounded by foreigners far from my home. Nowhere did I say anyone was ugly, nor did I ever mention anything about people from a specific race being ugly.”


However, the internet wasn’t convinced with her claims. Many said that she was lying and trying to cover it up.

“I speak Russian and she is lying,” one commenter replied. Another responded “Does she not know people speak Russian? BABE I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID.”

“The translation is correct. (I speak Russian) She said the n word instead of black men,” a Russian speaker responded.

She has over 13 million followers on TikToker and more than half a million on Instagram and her previous 2 million follower account is no longer available.

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