Russian Influencer Pavlov Aleksey Is Unstoppable As He Makes A Name For Himself As A Top Restaurateur

When you think of people taking the Russian culinary industry on a global level, one name that pops up is Pavlov Aleksey. He is a successful restaurateur and entrepreneur based in Russia. He was born on February 27, 1982, in Omsk. At his very young age, he made up his mind to make a career in the food industry. He is the founder of Shushi Master, a popular chain of restaurants which has more than 230 eateries in 10 countries and 123 cities. Not just in Russia, but this young man is making his name across the globe.

He had even featured on a TV reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ and has been a yearly speaker at Gastreet which is the main event of the restaurant industry in Russia. While speaking about his struggles and how he expanded his business, Pavlov said, “I was planning to establish a business in Surgut first, but occasionally stopped in Tyumen and decided to open it there. I was making everything out of nothing. My first office was inside a rented flat. In the morning I sat in the restaurant accepting orders and, in the evening, I was searching for new locations to open.”

The successful entrepreneur has also been uplifting other businesses in Russia. He is a part of the Transformation Forum in Olimpiysky, Moscow whose aim is to take the small and medium-sized businesses on a new level in Moscow. With this, he is motivating many aspiring entrepreneurs to make it big by sharing his ideas on how to make money. Not only this, many people look up to him as an influencer as he enjoys a great presence on social media and keeps on interacting with his audience. When asked to give a piece of advice for the younger generation, he was quoted saying, “To dream is important. Only the dream gives you the power and the possibility to make it real. Never be afraid of competition. You can learn much from competitors, but it is more important to develop yourself first.”