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Rosalia and Travis Scott drop their latest track, “TKN”

After their fiery collaboration, Highest in the Room, Singers Rosalia and Travis Scott are back with their newest banger, TKN. 

On Thursday, Latin pop sensation Rosalía debuted her new single “TKN” featuring rapper Travis Scott. The already popular hit boasts a fine mix of Latin trap with notes of reggae. That accompanied with Scott rapping in Spanish is a fresh addition. 

“TKN”, a bi-lingual rap track sung in both Spanish and English, has a catchy tune to it. The reggaeton-infused, Latin pop number seems to be based on Mafia wisdom, with Rosalia’s lyrics talking about Omerta, or the Sicilian law of silence. “No new friends or new wounds,/ Secrets with only whom you can trust” she and Scott sing together in Spanish.

“Travis is an artist who I’ve admired a lot since the beginning of his career and I can’t imagine a better artist to collaborate with on this song,” Rosalía said in a statement. “I feel that now is the moment to release this song, after so many months of staying indoors, missing freedom or being with people we love. I hope “TKN” gives you energy, makes you dance, and gives you strength if you’re going through difficult times. With all my love<3.”


Rosalia, who has collaborated with a number of popular artists, including the likes of J Balvin and James Blake. She also mentions having unreleased songs with singers Billie Eilish and Pharrell.

This particular song with Scott, however, has been in the works for more than a year, which is quite visible since the video was definitely shot before the quarantine started. The singer is all praise for Scott as she says, “There are artists that when they come into the room, everybody … gets smaller, but with Travis, it’s not like that. Everybody flows with him, he’s flowing, and it’s beautiful like that. And I think that he’s very special and that we had a lot of fun.”

The duo aren’t the only ones feeling the love. Fans of both artists seem to love their collaboration as the track has already garnered a few million views within hours of its release. We might just get to see more collaborations from the duo in the future.

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