Rohit Sharma : "We want Venkatesh Iyer to bat down the order, instead of opening"

Rohit Sharma : “We want Venkatesh Iyer to bat down the order, instead of opening”

Since the 2022 T20 World Cup is just 11 months away, India’s captain for the format, Rohit Sharma, wants the new junior players who featured in the team’s 3-0 series win over New Zealand to be given more opportunities to express themselves.
Speaking to the media after sealing the series sweep in Kolkata on Sunday, Rohit addressed India’s huge pool of talented cricketers and said that with so many of them knocking on the door in the Indian T20 team, the responsibility was on him and head coach Rahul Dravid to create that sense of security among the players.
Whenever newcomers step out, they should not have any baggage – Rohit

“When you’re playing bilaterals, you need to tick certain boxes, and we are trying to do that,” Rohit said. “We are trying to create a healthy atmosphere, giving the younger players security so that players can go out and play fearlessly.

“In the first meeting that we had, we spoke about this very clearly. Told them that ‘if you’re trying to do something for the team, that act will never get unnoticed; you will be noticed when you raise your hand and try to take pressure on yourself and try to do something for the team’. That’s the job of the captain and coach. To tell the players that ‘we do understand what you’re trying to do for the team’.

“You tell them to take their chances, and if it doesn’t come off, you still back them because we know what they are trying to do for the team.”

“Seeing the talent pool of India, it is not easy,” Rohit said. “Most of the guys sitting outside have also done very well. It’s not easy, only 11 can play, we know that. It’s always tough, but we will try our best that whenever our players step out, they do not have any baggage.”

Venkatesh Iyer is a Bright Prospect for us – Rohit

Rohit showed his clarity about the job being given to Venkatesh Iyer, the breakout star from the UAE leg of the 2021 IPL. Although he has been opening in the IPL, the management wants him to build a name for himself between Nos. 5 and 7 for India.

Rohit addressed the fact that drastically changing a newcomer’s regular batting position might be hard on the player. But Rohit felt that India needs someone new not in the top order but for the later part of the innings.

“The plan is to keep Iyer in the mix as much as we can,” Rohit said. “At the same time, we need to give him a role to bat where he usually doesn’t bat for his franchise. It’s going to be slightly tough for him to bat down the order. We’ve given him a role to bat at No. 5, 6 or 7 and see if he can do the job for us.

“Today, he looked composed, he was clear in his mindset, and he has a very good approach. And you saw his bowling skills, looks a very, very bright prospect for us. He can get the job done for us, it’s about giving him the confidence and making him play as much as he can. It’s still very early days – been just three games. He’s not had much of an opportunity to make an impact but going forward, we will definitely keep an eye out for him.
“The more depth we have the better it is for us. But for now, the way our bowling is going, and the way we have bowled, you don’t need a sixth or seventh bowler if the five players bowl well. But as a captain, it’s a good cushion to have.”

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