Rohit changed his way of batting because the team needed it News

Rohit changed his way of batting because the team needed it

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September 5, 2021

What makes someone a great team player? Big performances, motivational talks, brotherhood? Yeah, perhaps these all qualities do but the greatest of all is: molding yourself according to the team’s need. When someone changes one’s game or tactics just for the team’s benefit, even if he is uncomfortable with it, then he has achieved that top moral value of being a team player.

Rohit Sharma has changed his batting style in red-ball cricket just for the team. He bats with more patience than ever before, resisting the temptation to play those high-flying shots. In white-ball cricket, Rohit plays instinctively. He has like 6 shots for just one ball and he can play all those six shots to perfection. To curve that gameplay, to resist that instinct of hard-hitting shots requires mental toughness. And Rohit Sharma has shown it.

What makes Rohit so special !!!

This change in playing style requires mental adjustments, more practice than ever before, and a better mind-body connection. Only the greatest of the game have been found to have this quality. And what makes Rohit’s case even more special is that he improved. He improved by miles. He wasn’t even an opener before. And since he started opening, he soon developed all these key values and temperament an opener must-have.

And we can see the results. Rohit was batting beautifully throughout the series. Making sure that he sees off the new ball, takes some time off so the other batsmen don’t have to face the swing and bounce that new ball has. However, once he tried to change gears and increase the run rate, he would lose his wicket. But this time, he got past that obstacle. And now he has that momentum, that rhythm with him.

Never satisfied, Striving for more always

And let’s face it. Rohit has achieved nearly everything in white-ball cricket. Almost all records Rohit either broke them or created them. But test match cricket is where he was doubted, where he was asked tough questions. And any other batsman in Rohit’s place would have stayed satisfied with his white ball records. The thought that I am doing well in two formats of the game so I can go easy on myself in the third one. Perhaps that thought would have entered and owned anyone else. But not Rohit. Rohit wasn’t satisfied. He strived for more. He strived to go beyond his limits and push himself.

Rohit is the kind of player that wants to play matches. That wants to stay on the ground. If you give Rohit the options to either net practice or play the match, he will choose to play the match because he knows that’s more challenging. And that challenges will eventually grow him as a player.