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Rita Ora Defends New Movie Role As Oliver Twist Remake

Rita Ora is defending her new film, Twist. It is a modern adaption of the tale of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

The film is being slammed by the critics as some are already predicting that it will be the worst film of the year. Twist features Michale Caine and Rafferty Law along with Rita. The actress has been under fire during the lockdown already.

She was slammed for having a lockdown 30th birthday party last year in November. She will feature in the movie as a gender-flipped Artful Dodger. There have also been reviews of the movie which is airing on Sky Originals.

However, the actress has come to its defense as she sat down for the Hits Radio Breakfast Show. She shared how she thinks this would be what Charles Dickens would have probably done. The actress added that this was his interpretation of what street slang and life on the streets looked like back in 1939.

Rita said, “It was, what, 1839 when Oliver Twist came out for the first time. It was his interpretation of street slang and life on the streets.” Meanwhile, Rafferty will be playing a homeless, parkour flipping street artist version of Oliver in the movie.

Michael will be portraying the role of an art smuggling Fagin. Rita further explained that for them, it is their interpretation of life on the street. She said she loves that she was a part of the progression. The actress said, “For us now, shooting it in this time, it’s our interpretation of life on the street. So I really love that I was a part of that progression.”

“There’s a lot of things happening in Australia at the moment”

However, despite critics slamming the movie, they have appreciated Rita’s performance. They praised her role as some critics highlighted the ‘personable’ performance of the star.

The actress has teased her return on screen with further acting roles as she informed fans they will see her back. She told Metro Online: “Yes, you know I’m actually… There’s a lot of things happening in Australia at the moment.

Rita shared that she is going there this weekend to shoot Voice Australia and there is a lot of other things happening over there. She further added she does not want to give too much away. The actress said, “I’m actually going, I’m flying there this weekend to shoot the Voice Australia and there’s a lot of other things happening over there. I really don’t want to give too much away but it’s definitely popping off.”

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