Rising Artist Cooli Highh Has Been Working to Roll Back the Years and Emphasize Music Over Image News

Rising Artist Cooli Highh Has Been Working to Roll Back the Years and Emphasize Music Over Image

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Time icon March 31, 2021

Music had always been about sending a message and providing a voice for the voiceless, but as the years went on, there was a change in the industry. Some of the newer talents became more fixated on establishing their looks, raising the standards for an artist’s physical appearance. Samuel Thomas Jones, best known as Cooli Highh, is one of the latest names to join the music industry, and he has been working to shake up the status quo.

Born in San Diego, California, Samuel Thomas Jones would undergo a tragedy that no child should ever endure. When he was three years old, Jones was kidnapped from his daycare and burned alive. He was fortunate enough to survive, but the doctors informed his parents that Jones would be unable to walk again, among many other things. However, Jones was a fighter, and he would go on to prove everyone else wrong.

Jones graduated from high school and enrolled at the ITT Technical Institute in 2013 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During that time, he would develop an interest in pursuing a music career. When he shared his aspirations, people laughed at him and dismissed his dreams as an impossible target. However, Samuel Thomas Jones was determined to grind through the doubts.

By 2017, Jones took on the stage name ‘Cooli Highh’ and started his music career professionally. He made his debut through Power 92 Jams, a leading hip-hop radio station based in Arkansas. Since then, Cooli has collaborated with some of the most famous artists in the industry, working with 21 Savage, Young Dolph, Rockie Fresh, Smoke Dza, and many other music producers.

While Cooli Highh does not fit the regular mold of the standard rapper image, he instead pushes to roll back the years to a time when image was just a footnote. Cooli is going for a movement that has artists emphasizing more on their lyrical substance.

Since shifting his focus to a music career, Cooli High has not signed with a major label. Despite the nationwide success and following he amassed, the artist instead seeks to create music and art for people who feel they do not fit the social norms and works to inspire them. Having been in that situation himself, Cooli wants to inspire others to chase their dreams, overlook the doubts, and leave their mistakes behind.

As an artist, Cooli shares real-life stories through his music, giving his listeners a chance to walk in his shoes. He incorporates a unique style that is primarily inspired by hip-hop and R&B. His debut album ‘48hrs’ would be met with praises and nationwide recognition. Being a lover of the arts, Cooli Highh would also delve into fashion and host a podcast called ‘#TheHighhLife.’ His podcast covers various topics like life and self-impoverishment and humor. Since starting the podcast, Cooli has begun to gain traction.

Having overcome many obstacles and proving his doubters wrong, Cooli High’s sights are set on a songwriting career. He hopes to land more work as a writer for major companies and commercials, making skits, movie scripts, stand-up comedy, and writing soundtracks.

Learn more about Cooli Highh by visiting his official website. You can also get more updates on his latest releases by following him on Instagram.

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