Richard Orlinski’s artwork has taken the world of art by storm News

Richard Orlinski’s artwork has taken the world of art by storm

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Time icon July 28, 2020

Richard’s artwork has been loved and appreciated by all and has made him the contemporary artist French best-selling in the world.

What is life without art they ask? Well, maybe nothing or perhaps like a body without a soul. This is something that many of you’ll would agree or agree to even disagree, as art in itself is such a small yet meaningful and profound word that it has so far included in its world many legends who through their artwork have taken over the world by surprise as they have executed their deep love and pure passion through their exquisite work of art. An artist who sculpts and creates a piece of timeless artwork, so real that the person seeing it can’t take their eyes off the masterpiece is an artist who is a creative visionary and who has the power to create art much beyond of what the eyes can see. One such phenomenal artist of the world, who has raised the bar for many other aspiring artists, is Richard Orlinski from France.

Richard is the face of the modern and contemporary artists of the world who exudes determination and love for creating artworks and proves that art can, in many ways arouse multiple emotions in a person, all at once. In the year 2004, Richard dived deep into the artistic world and since then has devoted his life towards it. This artist who has an altogether different level of zest for art and sculpture shows his prowess in creating artworks of the world that puts the focus on also wild and primitive animals.

An artist is defined not just by what he/she creates, but what they want to portray and how deep-rooted their emotions and passion are that they want people to see through their works of art, and Richard scores the highest success in this as he is known across the world for creating masterpieces that are so powerful that it has the potential to trigger strong emotions in people and, at the same time, also make them fall in love with it.

Even after facing his share of struggles in life, Richard rose above all of those dark days by creating a colourful universe of his and his masterpieces that are highly inspired by not only the wildest animals but also exemplary objects that have marked their generation. His idea of reinventing himself every time and making his art approachable has overwhelmed art connoisseurs across the globe with his creative work. Today, Richard is represented by over 90 galleries in France and other places of the world and has earned the status of the contemporary artist French best-selling in the world, since 2015.

In 2017, he opened his first gallery ever in Paris, which was followed by opening up other five galleries across different cities, dedicated purely to his creative art and sculpting. Richard is that creative visionary whose art not only reflects in the artwork he creates but also in many other fields that he loves to explore like music, sculpture, live shows, design, etc.

His unbeatable talents and skills as an artist have also made him collaborate with various well-known brands worldwide, creating for them successful watch models. The exemplary artist has taken a step to give a platform to promising young individuals in the form of “Tomorrow Hub”, helping them to shape their careers and realize their professional projects.

Working each day more to create something unique and astonish people with his sculpting and creating prowess is Richard Orlinski whose enthusiasm and love for art sees no bound, making him one of the top contemporary artists and modern creators of the world.

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