Reza Abbaszadeh has been awarded to be the Youngest Iranian Businessman in 2019 News

Reza Abbaszadeh has been awarded to be the Youngest Iranian Businessman in 2019

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Time icon April 13, 2020

Reza Abbaszadeh is an Iranian-German entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, philanthropist, skilled life and business strategist, who changed his life towards the peak of decent life at the age 20. Abbaszadeh is the chairman of an Investment Banking Platform, called DigitalTreasuryInc which is comprised of 9 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding €60 millions a year. He has reached a lot of achievements during his professional career as one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in the world. Now he is the owner of an investment banking platform called DigitalTreasuryInc at very young age (21). Luxurious cars and multimillion dollar house resulted from his incredible ingenuity.

Life and Career

Reza Abbaszadeh (born 1998; Tabriz, Iran) grew up in Iran and showed an understanding of the business world from an early age. According to his memoir Millionaires Make You a Billionaire, Abbaszadeh worked with a friend to provide authenticated IELTS (International English Language Test System) degrees in Iran from neighbor countries since degrees which were issued from Iran were not eligible to use overseas. In the period of 5 months Reza and his partner during the high school earned a whopping $200,000.
In 2016, Abbaszadeh emigrated to Hungary from Iran, as a result of escaping from the compulsory military service that could have taken 2 years of his life. So he went to the McDaniel college to study Pre-Medical course for 6 months and subsequently he could find a way to study Medicine in Vienna University of Austria. During his first year of university, he found out that this career is not a path to financial success so he dropped out.
One of Abbaszadeh’s earliest ventures after his short stint in Medical school was when he moved to Berlin. He started selling used luxury brand clothes. The venture was successful, and he could grow the business to the point where he had a team of several workers capable of spreading this business throughout Europe. Thus he was promoted to the supervisor position for a top luxury clothing brand in Berlin since he was a good convincer. This opportunity provided him with communicating with a lot of successful businessmen in different fields of Export/Import, Stock Market, Real-Estate and Petroleum Product Production. Meanwhile, he took a risk along with making a capital management to take a step in gambling after visiting Monte-Carlo. After some time, he turned into a professional poker player and made a the financial freedom at the age 20. This monetary support let him direct his attention towards the greater matters like investing in the majority of lucrative businesses.

Finally his mastermind resulted in establishing a multinational platform to involve the businesses with his intellectual ability that nominates him as The Youngest Iranian Businessmen in the year of 2019.
During his outstanding perseverance in his career, Mr. Abbaszadeh has learned the fundamentals of winning from mentors like Tony Robbins #1 NY Times best-selling author, Jordan Belfort the owner of Stratton Oakmont and Grant Cardone CEO of CardoneCapital and eventually he made an excerpt in order to create a method for “SUCCESS” based on the realistic aspects of lucrative businesses and ideal life as a technique called “Millionaires make you a Billionaire”. Because he always believe in this fact that “We are learning from Millionaires how to make Billions”.


The psychology of peak performance, leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, effective interventions with individuals and entrepreneurism and business strategies.


Reza Abbaszadeh studied his high school in National Organisation for Development of Exceptional Talents in Iran and then he continued his further education in Medicine at University of Vienna after passing the college in McDaniel. Now he keeps extending his knowledge in Business administration.

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