Release of James Bond Delayed Due To Corona Virus

Corona Virus is spreading across nations and creating panic among concerned citizens. World Health Organization declared the virus a global health emergency. The outbreak of the virus is now taking down businesses with it, with the Bond franchise to be the first.


The long-overdue James Bond film No Time to Die got a new release date. The Bond fans after a waiting period of 5 years, finally got the news of their favorite franchise coming out this April.

However, Now that waiting period is extended until November due to the rapid outbreak of the virus.

MGM, Universal and the producers of the film Michael G Wilson and Barbara Brocolli announced on Twitter “that after careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace, the release of NO TIME TO DIE will be postponed until November 2020.

The 25 film franchise is one of the highest-grossing movies in the World. Besides, The Bond actor Daniel Craig alone has raked in almost $3.18 Billion with his Bond films.

Similarly, The world premiere for the movie scheduled to take place in 31st March at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The world premiere is a special screening for the members of Royal Family and few other marked guests.

The events to promote the movie in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China are canceled too. Moreover, Paramount Studio also stopped its filming in Italy due to the sudden outbreak of the virus in Italy.

Mission Impossible Seven featuring Tom Cruise is another major franchise that is suffering the impact of the virus. The shooting began earlier this year, and is stopped after taking notice for the well being of the crew.

Paramount released a statement stating ” Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our cast and crew, and efforts of the local Venetian government to halt public gatherings in response to the threat of the corona virus, we are altering the production plan for our three-week shoot in Venice.”


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