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Reaching for the highest standards with luxury travel brand Monos

The luxury travel and lifestyle brand Monos specialises in creating robust suitcases with timeless visual appeal. The Canadian brand is well known for its passion for travel-based mindfulness and creating products that remove the stress and strain from seeing the world. The company’s philosophy is largely centred upon the Japanese concept of mono no aware and finding the beauty in fleeting moments. Targeting discerning travellers that are eager to grow and learn, it emphasises the importance of mindfulness and being immersed in the here and now.

Improving the quality of travel

The company recently hit the headlines after launching a hand-held rechargeable santitizer to sanitize and disinfect products used by travellers every day. The product was branded the CleanPod, and proceeds from the item were used towards Canada’s coronavirus response and recovery fund. Monos’ products are well-known for their timeless simplicity, with designers aiming for timelessness rather than flashiness. The Monos team have spent a great deal of time on seeking out the right sources for the parts and materials that they use. Their attention to detail means nothing is seen as too small to be important. The company has even developed its own parts in-house when it has been unable to source the high-quality components needed. The team also believes that its customer base now seeks to own fewer items but is seeking superior quality, hence its “less is more” philosophy.

“Good” is not good enough

“Good is the enemy of great” is a key Monos slogan and reflects the attention to detail it is now renowned for. The company strives to only use components from brands that are equally as passionate about its high standards, with the team visiting a wide range of factories before deciding who to work with. Although a high number of factories were visited, only a small number of these were able to show their commitment to these exacting standards. The companies that Monos did decide to collaborate with were selected thanks to their vast expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

High-grade parts, affordable pricing

Monos may use the same factories and materials as several other leading brands, but it is able to offer its products to the public for less due to the way it sells its cases to them directly. The team have frequently expressed their enthusiasm for creating powerful human connections and say these connections are essential for great customer relations, living standards and travel experiences.

Reworking the classic suitcase

Monos has made several important amendments to the classic travel case over the years. These include sidestepping cast zinc for high-grade aluminium to create extra-durable tubing, reworking the telescopic assembly to cut lateral and torsional movement and relocating the handle release button to the underside of the case for ergonomic reasons. These decisions were made to deliver better handling, longevity and visual appearance. Customers can select from a range of elegant colours and achieve extra peace of mind via the lifetime warranty that comes with the cases.

Rigorous testing procedures

Cases are subjected to a huge 40 tests before they are made available to customers. The tests include stiffness, colour fastness to crocking, abrasion resistance testing, tensile strength testing and many more. They are loaded with 16kg weights during the tumble test and put inside a rotating chamber so high drops, rough handling and hard impacts can all be simulated. Loads are placed inside the case and on the telescopic handle during the mileage test. The case is then placed at a 45° angle and rolled at 4km/h on a specialised bumped treadmill, simulating rough and uneven terrain. In the drop test, cases are stored at -12°C for several hours before being loaded with substantial weights and dropped onto a series of corners, surfaces and edges.

Aerospace-grade materials

A key material influencing the cases’ durability is the aerospace-grade German Makrolon polycarbonate. This lightweight yet almost unbreakable material is used to vacuum-form the cases. Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run Wheels ensure quiet operation. Hinomoto is a well-respected Japanese brand that worked closely alongside Mitsubishi to design and manufacture the wheels. Open up a Monos case and you will find robust, anti-bacterial and waterproof 350 denier polyester fabric. Materials chosen to build the cases ensure they can swiftly spring back into shape following impacts.

Getting in touch with Monos

There are several methods customers and potential users can opt for to reach the Monos team. As the company prides itself on the quality of its interactions, it is always keen to help and listen to its customers. Send a message to hello@monos.com or get in touch via the Monos Facebook and Instagram pages. More in-depth information about Monos and the products the team design, manufacture, and supply can be found on the company website.

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