Rangoli Chandel Takes On Neha Dhupia And Taapsee Pannu

Neha Dhupia caused quite a stir with her recent comments on the show Roadies.

The comments made in the clip brought Neha into the Spotlight and the actresses comments were soon trending. Soon, Neha was mercilessly trolled and social media sites were flooded with memes.

Besides, the clip in question is from the TV show Roadies. In the clip, Neha is schooling a contestant who slapped his girlfriend. Since his girlfriend was cheating on him with five other guys, it is okay to slap her. After listening to his reply, Neha lost her temper and abused him saying ” Yeh jo Tu Bol Raha hai na ki ek nahi paanch ladko ke saath gayi thi sun meri baat its her choice. Maybe the problem lies with you. Nobody gives you the f***ing right to slap.” 

Neha Dhupia schooling the contestant

With this little video out in the Public, Neha was called out as a fake feminist and a Hypocrite.

Here are some reactions of the fans after the clip went viral


However, after being the victim of Social media trolling. Neha finally came out defending herself. Neha released a long statement defending her stance on cheating and domestic violence. The actress sharing about her family and co-workers are being harassed because of her comments.

Neha wrote, “my family, my friends, my co-workers and even my dad’s personal Whatsapp are being flooding with abuses and harassment.”


She further went on saying ” I urge people, whether man or woman, to educate themselves about domestic violence… If you’re a victim of abuse, please stand up for yourself. You are not alone.”

Soon after her published statement, Actress Taapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapur, Ayushmann Khuranna, and Karan Johar came out in her defense.

Rangoli Chandel Trolls “Fake Feminists”

Apart from this, there was one Twitter user who never leaves the opportunity to take-on fake feminists and that is actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel.


Rangoli is the one of most vocal Twitterati and is often calling out celebrities for their Hypocrisy over Twitter. Nevertheless, Rangoli first put out a tweet calling Taapsee Pannu a “wannabee feminist”


Although, it was Neha Dhupia and Taapsee Panuu on her radar. Rangoli went ahead and pulled-in Karan Johar into the controversy. After a series of tweets, Rangoli later apologised to feminism sharing yet another tweet.


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