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Ramayan: Here’s how Sunil Lahri aka Lakshman is reacting to all the memes on him

Sunil Lahri who played the role of Lakshman in Ramayan has reacted to all the memes that are floating on the social media these days!

While the lockdown is going on, the television channels can’t help but re-run their old shows. The mythological shows Ramayan and Mahabharat are back on the screens and they have broken all the TRP records. Not just the common audience, but the cast including Sunil Lahri aka Lakshman is also watching them.

The veteran actor is enjoying watching himself on the screens with his entire family. But we were wondering how he is liking all the memes that are floating on social media these days.

People have flooded social platforms with memes made on Lakshman’s expressions and dialogues. Some even call him the original angry young man.

When asked as to how he feels about all those memes, Lahri told Koimoi, “I have seen many memes that a lot of people have sent. Even my brother’s children in the house send me the memes. I am liking it. I am enjoying it. It’s said that you are popular and that’s why they make these memes. I am honoured. I feel honoured to be a part of the memes.”

Check out some of the most hilarious memes here:


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