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Rakulpreet reacts on the video which shows her ‘buying alcohol’!

A video has gone viral on social media of actress Rakulpreet and people are interpreting that she was buying alcohol!

The country has been under a lockdown for almost two months now. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has made us all stay indoors. However, people are allowed to go out to buy essential goods. Something similar happened with actress Rakulpreet. Unfortunately, people misunderstood her.

A video has now gone viral on social media which sees the actress out on the streets with a few parcels in her hand. Taking all the precautions, Rakulpreet was out buying a few things.

However, a few people who misunderstood and thought that she is out buying alcohol. In fact, KRK Box-office tweeted the video saying, “What was @Rakulpreet buying during the #lockdown? She was buying alchohol?”


The actress decided to put all such speculations to rest and mocked the tweet saying, “Oh wow ! I wasn’t aware that medical stores were selling alcohol.”

Since the government has allowed the liquor shops to re-open there have been huge queues outside the liquor shop. Many celebs have come out criticizing this decision of the government. Apart from the chances of increase in the cases of domestic violence, it has also led to people sidelining social distancing.

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