You shouldn’t miss R Madhavan’s epic reply to a fan who asked the secret of his fair skin

R Madhavan had shared a throwback picture on which a fan asked him about the secret to his much fairer skin now!

The ongoing lockdown has left the academic organisations no options but to announce the results based on the previous performances of the students. Many board have announced the results of the students and people are cheering up students who couldn’t score well.

Actor R Madhavan too took to social media sharing a throwback picture of himself. The actor also revealed that he had got just 58% in his board exams. “To all those who just got their board results— congratulations to those who exceeded their expectations and aced it. And to the rest I want to say I got 58% on my board exams… The game has not even started yet my dear friends,” he wrote trying to lift up the spirits of the students.

The post got a lot of positivity from people. Everyone appreciated the actor’s initiative. Interestingly, a fan decided to ask the actor about something which was not related to studies and marks. He wrote on Twitter, “I really appreciate you being honest about your marks. Just using this opportunity to ask, since it’s quite visible from this old pic as well… what product or procedure you used to lighten your skin ? Genuine interested in knowing the secret. Thank you.”

What shouldn’t be missed is the actor’s reply to the fan. Responding to his fan, Madhavan wrote, “I never believed in wanting to NOT be who I am. Nor felt apologetic for looking the way I did. You shouldn’t either bro… Just look and be hygienic… most attractive way to look … I tan easily when I play golf-that is all there is to it.”

Check out their conversation here:

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