Priyanka Chopra says she cried throughout the flight during pandemic, and Nick Jonas helped her settle in London

Priyanka Chopra, like many of us, was living the good life in her fancy Los Angeles home when the pandemic struck and brought our lives to a stop. However, by the middle of 2020, the actress had resumed work and was on her way to Germany to film The Matrix 4. Priyanka Chopra has described what it was like in a recent interview with Vogue India.

According to PeeCee, who spoke to the fashion portal, “I was sleeping in, vegetating on the couch, binge-watching, not working out, and eating whatever I wanted when the epidemic came out. ‘This is going to be a vacation,’ I thought. But, since there was no end in sight, I realised that people would figure out a way to work around it.”

Stuck between Personal and Professional

She went on to say that travelling for the first time during the epidemic was difficult and that she cried. “I spent six months at home, feeling very protected with my family, and then I went to work in Germany for the first time. On the plane, I cried. I was scared, “Priyanka expressed her thoughts.

When she returned from Germany, though, her family and husband Nick Jonas were there to support her. “While I was filming, he, my mother, and my family joined me and we spent Christmas and New Year’s together. It was great not having to return home to an empty house. Nick wanted to assist me with my transition. I then went to Citadel after everyone had left.” Priyanka Chopra is presently filming Citadel with Richard Madden.

After 20 years in the entertainment world, the actress also addressed finding a balance between her personal and professional lives. “I spent the last 20 years of my career primarily on this winning racehorse, and now I see myself balancing two parts of my life,” she remarked.

Here’s the pic of the couple chilling in beach

The couple is currently separated by thousands of kilometres. While Priyanka is filming in London, Nick is on tour with The Jonas Brothers in the United States. “Distance is a pain. It’s difficult since we can’t fly back and forth to see one other like we used to. You have to quarantine wherever you go, so it’s difficult to plan ahead “Priyanka Chopra made a statement.

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