Priya Shukla Raises Her Voice Against Physical Abuse, Encourages Women To Learn Self-Defence

Self-defense for women in India may not be still mandatory but it is very significant in today’s time. Women safety holds great importance today and Priya Shukla is working hard to let people know about it. Blessed with good looks, she had a passion for living a different life. Born to a middle-class Hindu pandit Brahmin family, she is an artist, model and a true fighter. She is widely known for taking a stand against men who misbehave with their wives or any other females. A firm believer of no-tolerance, she has been dragged in a lot of cases for teaching many men a lesson of their life.

To help the needy, she volunteered and became the Maharashtra president of Touching Souls, an NGO which is close to her heart. With her modelling assignments, she helps the needy people and contributes 50 per cent of her earnings in doing social services like buying food, clothes for the poor and also provide water bottles to the police standing in the scorching sun for the security of the citizens. Shukla has her plans to start an organisation along with a team of strong girls who would volunteer and help weak ladies victimized in the country. “I want to make women aware of their legal rights and let them understand their self-respect”, she stated.

Apart from this, Priya is also signed for ‘The Tockers House’, an upcoming reality show. Letting women know about their worth, she will soon keep a workshop in Abu Dhabi. To name a few of her achievements, she was The Bright Miss Perfect runner-up in 2016 and in 2017, she represented India and won the Miss Asian Beauty Award 2017 in Sri Lanka. The following year the gorgeous lady won the Miss Asian Diva of the year in UAE. On the professional front, she is shooting for an Indo-Australian movie. If this was no enough, Priya Shukla is also training herself for MMA and will be representing India in Thailand, Russia and the USA. Laying strong emphasis on self-defence, she wants every girl and woman to protect themselves from evil.