Prathamesh Sonsurkar Talks About The Importance Of Cybersecurity And How One Must Be Aware Of It !

The digital medium is a vast field which has a lot of scope. However, the field also has got an equal amount of risks in it. Prathamesh Sonsurkar is that influential name who has helped to curb these risks on the digital platforms. He is an influencer and a Cybercrime Investigation expert who conducts seminars in schools, colleges and various other public events. With a thorough study and research in Cyber Crime Investigation, he is making people aware of the fact and he has also helped many teenage girls to retrieve back their hacked accounts. He has also helped many women by teaching them necessary cyber safety norms. He has good knowledge about the reverse psychology of a criminal mind and that’s what makes him an ethical hacker and a social engineering expert.

The seminars conducted by Prathamesh gives a detailed insight into the do’s and don’ts an individual must follow on the internet. Besides this, he also lays emphasis on online women safety as many female audiences have become the victims of cyber crimes. With a certification in Crime Investigation, Corporate cyber security management,Prathamesh has tried to bring a significant change in making people aware of the cybersecurity even at workplace. Speaking about the same, he said, “I feel that one must be aware of the pros and cons of cybersecurity. Everything is available online and so are risks involved in it. Through my seminars, I make sure to be as informative as possible so that my work can reach to a larger audience.”

His work has been appreciated by many people and companies. He was recently given the designation of the State Investigation Officer : Cyber Cell of Maharashtra , voluntarily by National Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIB). He has also been featured in publications like Navbharat Times and Sakal Times. Besides this, Prathamesh also got the exposure on the electronic medium when he was called as the guest Panel speaker on Zee Business as well as on Radio FM Gold. He is actively letting people know about the threats of cybercrimes through his seminars and events in almost all the top schools and colleges of Mumbai. By giving in-depth knowledge about the happenings on the internet, Prathamesh Sonsurkar is doing his best and influencing people & making them aware to be as careful as they can on the digital platform.