Pokimane Was Scammed Worth $24,000 By Former YouTube Manager

Pokimane, one of Twitch’s most famous female streamer recently shared her terrible experience with a former YouTube manager of her team. The incident has prompted Pokimane to have trust issues and to date, she never feels comfortable adding more editors, mods, or managers to her streaming team.

The streamer shared the story of the ‘stupid scam’ that was perpetrated upon her by her former YouTube manager. Back in 2019, Pokmane decided to hire a team that would take care of her YouTube channel. The tasks of the job included posting and editing videos, and handling the overall growth of the channel. However, it seems like Pokimane did not choose the right candidate for the job.

‘Most Convincing Stuff’

Pokimane reveals that the candidate she chose to be her YouTube manager was very convincing but did not deliver the promised results.

“This guy wrote me MLA-formatted paragraphs, these promises,” she said. “It was the most convincing stuff ever, but I just ended up being his sugar momma.”

However, the YouTube manager of her channel did not post videos that needed to be posted and always had some or the other excuse for not doing the work.

What Did Pokimane Say?

“When I found out, I was ruthless, on god,” the streamer continued. “I went to him and demanded to know why we hadn’t uploaded any videos, and he sent me five paragraphs that told me he had been doing this and that.”

“They were so convincing I didn’t even give him a trial,” she said.

“Every now and then he’d tell me he was doing things, like a Hot Ones-type show. But really he was just making me think he was doing things, but he wasn’t. It came down to, dude, I’m giving you $8,000 a month, do the work!”

“Then, in the second month, he went MIA for a full week. He said a family member had been sick, and I just had to believe him. I couldn’t prove he was really lying.”

“Dead-ass, I was just his sugar momma for like a quarter of a year!”

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