PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan worried about PS5 sales

As the PS5 launch gets closer and we can’t help but wonder- Will Sony be able to generate the same amount of sales as this generation or it will mess it up? Though it is far too early to tell at this point, the company has revealed its concern. “The track record of the incumbent platform winning the next time around is not a great one” Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told in a new interview with Wired. “So the major thrust of my executive energy is to avoid complacency”.

With this observation, Jim Ryan has more or less summed up the history of the infamous console wars. Going back, the last time the company led two generations in a row was going from PlayStation to Playstation2. But later Wii handily outsold the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360. The next phase saw Xbox One and PS4 gaining the market over the Wii U. This back-and-forth game has certainly kept the competition healthy but obviously Ryan would want PlayStation to remain at the top of the sales chart at all times. 

Sony certainly has plans for the PS5 but Ryan didn’t say anything specific about its strategy. He did talk about how the company’s changing its approach to the PlayStation Now games streaming service. Ryan confessed that Sony has had “many false steps taken, many lessons learned” in the five year history with PS. The common refrain is that PS is too expensive and lacked enough attractive games. Sony begs to differ with the recent inclusion of GTA 5 and slashing the price.

Even after all the game streaming platforms and consoles on the market, you can stream GTA 5 only in PS. “I’d prefer not to disclose the terms, but let’s say it is a good deal for Rockstar”, Ryan said. If you are still not impressed Ryan recently spoke about “a massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place- with or without a console.”

We are excited to see what the new PS5 brings to the table. Sony is yet to give a launch date but we can be sure it will not arrive until April 2020.