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Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X Spec Images Leaked

Sony and Microsoft have been very secretive about the details of their new consoles, The Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X which are due this holiday season. Both devices should have similar specs and be prices around the same price point. Although reports of Sony having difficulties pricing the PlayStation 5 have arisen.

Since Sony and Microsoft have been secretive about the details, We have to get our information from alternative sources. Leaked images of the actual specs of the next-gen consoles.

Play Station 5 vs XBOX

Both consoles will feature the AMD’s 7nm Zen 2 CPU and Navi RDNA GPU. Both consoles will also feature SSDs and not HDDs. With the PS5 at 500GB and the Xbox Series X at 1TB. This leak also shows the PS5 will have a faster SSD than the Xbox Series X.

The PS5 seems to have more RAM than the Series X, and the Series X, a faster processor than the Play Station 5.

These are leaks and we should take them with a grain of salt. We cannot be 100% sure of these specs until Sony and Microsoft release the official specs of the consoles.

We expect Microsoft to make an Xbox Series X announcement at E3 in June. But we are not sure as to when Sony will announce the PS5. They were originally rumored to announce it this month but I guess that rumor was false. So we will just have to wait and see. As we do for all other upcoming tech products.

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