Paytm CEO Posts 'Submit To Signal Now', Says Facebook And WhatsApp Abusing Ownership

Paytm CEO Posts ‘Submit To Signal Now’, Says Facebook And WhatsApp Abusing Ownership

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has joined a list of leaders appealing people to leave WhatsApp. Tesla founder Elon Musk put the practice on Friday when he wrote ‘Use the Sign’ but Sharma posted a detailed tweet, accusing WhatsApp and Facebook of violating the sovereignty and taking the privacy of their users as a minor matter.In his tweet, Sharma said “we have to move on to Signal now”.

Signal has been a huge benefit as users have expressed concern about WhatsApp’s upcoming changes to its privacy policy and many WhatsApp groups are full of conversations via other channels such as Telegram and Signal. At the same time, however, WhatsApp has revealed that the change only covers business accounts, and that such user data remains as secure as before.

It is noteworthy that Sharma’s Paytm competes with WhatsApp, which recently received permission to launch its UPI payments. But he is not alone in this feeling, and in fact, Hike manager Kavin Bharti Mittal wrote on Twitter that there will be no “Indian messenger” because the effects of the international network of apps are so powerful. And in addition to Elon Musk, well-known referee Edward Snowden also recommended that people switch to Signal.

Getting away from WhatsApp, which shows growing dissatisfaction with high tech, has never gone down, and the Signal app actually became the top messaging app in many countries over the weekend.

In response to the above issue, WhatsApp said it was taking steps to prevent Google from identifying its users and group invitations. WhatsApp’s comment came after Rajaharia indicated he was in danger of posting on Twitter.

“Since March 2020, WhatsApp has sent the” noindex “tag to all the deep social media pages, according to Google, which will remove them from the index. We have provided our response to Google not to specify these conversations,” WhatsApp said.

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