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Part II Of A Quiet Place Gets Brilliant Audience Response Amidst Pandemic; Collects $48 Million

The delayed sequence of the spectacular and thrilling A Quiet Place has become one of the biggest successes in the North American box office since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quiet Place Part II made an estimated $ 48m (£ 34m) between Friday and Sunday.

This has exceeded the forecast and was not far behind the $ 55m it was thought the film would earn in March 2020, according to Variety.

Sigh Of Relief

“You can probably hear the collective sounds of relief from studio executives across Hollywood,” the magazine said.

U.S. cinemas have opened up in recent months, many of which have reduced audiences.

There was uncertainty as to whether people would want to go back, especially after getting used to the simple broadcast on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Biggest Single-Weekend Collection In Three Months

The adverts for A Quiet Place Part II, which sees Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy trying to evade noise-sensing blind aliens, stress that it is available “only in theatres”.

Its $ 48m value is the largest single weekend since Sonic The Hedgehog opened with $ 58m (£ 41m) in mid-February 2020.

“This guarantees the future of the theater and is therefore a major factor in the movie industry in general,” Paul Dergarabedian, a senior analyst at Comscore, told AFP.

UK Release Date

Quiet Place II will be released in the UK on Friday 3 June. Many UK movie theatres are also are now open, and power has been reduced.

Meanwhile, another big weekend release was Disney’s Cruella, starring Emma Stone as the 101 Dalmatians villain.

It was second in the North American box office rankings, taking $27m. However, Cruella was simultaneously released on streaming platform Disney+ for a $30 fee on top of the monthly subscription.

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