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Parineeti Chopra Shares The Advise She Got From Priyanka Chopra For Her Movies

Parineeti Chopra has been a standout after starring in three well-received films this year.

She first appeared in The Girl on the Train followed by Saina and also Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar.

So indeed, without any doubt it has been a fruitful year so far for Parineeti Chopra, with her amazing movies hitting the big screens!

Priyanka Chopra’s Advise To Parineeti

While the audience made their decision about the movies on social media, Parineeti revealed that her cousin, Bollywood-Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra had a long conversation with her about the movies.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Parineeti said a few years ago, Priyanka had advised her to choose interesting storyline movies instead of making them for the sake of them.

“She had always given me this advice, saying, ‘If we are in a film and we do not meet the expectations of our audience, that is our fault. Because they expect good from us. So don’t be in a movie (there) and don’t give it your all. Always do the best ”recalls Parineeti.

“She said this to me a couple of years ago, I remember, and it made so much sense to me because it is such a privileged position to be in when the audience or the media or the critics-reviewers actually expect something out of you.

And when you don’t do it, they abuse you. ‘What happened to you, we expected more out of you.’ It is such a good position to be in that the audience actually wants to see you in something special, always do something special,” she added.

‘Don’t Do Anything Substandard’

Parineeti said Priyanka’s advice came at a time in her life when she was looking for opportunities to break the image of a girl character next door.

“Because of that conversation, now when I finally did these kinds of films and got the good kinds of reviews, Priyanka was the one who was the happiest for me. She also said, ‘This is what I was talking about. Here’s what you have to do. Don’t do anything substandard. Always do your best and give your best.'”

“Priyanka was very happy when I made those three films and we had long discussions about these three films. She herself is doing a good job and expect, she wants me to do that too,” Parineeti concluded.

On the work front next, Parineeti is set to star opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal. The movie also stars Anil Kapoor.

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