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Pakistani TV Actress Nimra Khan Sustained Serious Nose Injuries

Pakistani actress and director Nimra khan has sustained serious Nose injuries after falling off the stairs.

Nimra on Instagram stories revealed her bruised face and nose stating that she fell off the stairs.

She captioned her stories, along with pics of her bruised nose:

As long as you are genuinely thankful for the things that you have, you will be happy,” Nimra captioned a picture of herself with a bandage around her nose, So painful. Internal head injury. Thank God but not Major

IMG 20200907 190134
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Personal Life:

Nimra Khan was born on 26 June 1990 in Karachi, her home town.

On 21 August 2014 she was seriously injured in a road accident. Her car got hit badly by a van while she was coming back from her shoot. Her right leg fractured from five different points.

Doctors were not able to fix them immediately as there were a few clots in her brain. She got married on 19 April 2020 in Karachi and her husband was a police officer in London.

We at Clout News wish Nimra Khan the best of luck and speedy recovery and more courage whilst going through this awful time!

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